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BIRN Panelists Explore Media Role in Probing Corruption

Journalists can only combat corruption in the Balkans through indepth investigations - though few reporters have the time or resources for such work, a round table at BIRN's Summer School in Macedonia heard.

Tracking Dirty Money Highlighted at BIRN Summer School

Belgrade investigative journalist Stevan Dojcinovic showed BIRN Summer School participants how to follow the money trail when investigating money laundering, corruption and organised crime.

BIRN Journalists Polish Information-Gathering Skills

As BIRN's Summer School continues, Helen Darbishire, Lawrence Marzouk and Marcus Lindemann trained participants on the efficient use of freedom-of-information laws and Google search tools.

Media Must Resist Censorship, BIRN Panel Says

Journalists in the Balkans must band together to defend freedom of speech against a range of political and economic pressures, a BIRN round table on Monday in Macedonia heard.

BIRN Summer School Learns Secrets of Offshore Companies

Paul Radu on Tuesday told BIRN's Summer School of Investigative Reporting participants how to track down the real owners of offshore companies.

BIRN Summer School Kicks Off in Macedonia

More than 20 journalists from all over the world are taking part in BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting at Lake Mavrovo in Macedonia.

More than 130 journalists applied for BIRN Summer School 2012

Every year, the number of journalists from the Balkans attracted to BIRN Summer School increases. The number of applications submitted and webpage views suggests there are a substantial number of journalists from South East Europe that are interested in gaining new investigative techniques.

Stephen Grey, award winning journalist, to teach interview techniques at BIRN Summer School

Stephen Grey is best known for revealing details of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program. The first article published was in the New Statesman under the headline 'America's Gulag'.

Special Projects Editor for the Guardian Paul Lewis to teach at Summer School

Paul Lewis runs teams of journalists at the Guardian newspaper working on a range of investigations. He recently led Reading the Riots, a major research project into the causes and consequences of the England riots. 

The Pulitzer Prize winner, Mark Schoofs, will be a trainer at the third BIRN Summer School

Before he became an editor at ProPublica in 2011, Mark Schoofs was as a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, WSJ, and an investigative reporter for Page One.

Finalists of the Investigative Journalism Awards 2012

BIRN journalists, Bojana Barlovac and Aleksandar Djordjevic, and two BIRN Summer School 2011 participants, Bojana Jovanovic and Stevan Dojcinovic, are finalists for the National Investigative Journalism Award 2012 by the Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia.

Serbian Journalists Share Highs and Lows of Investigations

Public interests should trump any other concerns, participants at debate on Tuesday in Belgrade agreed

Third BIRN Summer School of Investigative Journalism in Macedonia

BIRN would like to inform all interested journalists from the Balkans and internationally that the third BIRN Summer School will take place in Mavrovo, Macedonia, from 19 until 25 August 2012.

Hunt for Bodies Dutch Buried in Srebrenica

When Hava Muhic gave birth to a stillborn girl in Srebrenica in July 1995, Dutch soldiers took the body away. Years on, the search for her grave - and others - is ongoing.

BIRN Journalists’ Grave Discovery Revives Dutch Srebrenica Debate

Two graduates of BIRN’s Summer School have created a stir with a report about a mass grave that was dug by Dutch soldiers in Srebrenica at the time of the July 1995 massacre.