Book: Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

A Guide for Investigative Journalists in the Balkans

Journalists’ articles, coupled with interesting advice, skills, investigative stories, databases, tips and techniques, will inspire readers to take up the challenge of a career in investigative journalism.

Digging Deeper showcases interesting investigative stories and individual journalistic successes, as well as providing an overview of investigative techniques. The various databases available in the Balkan region and tips for practitioners are the most useful elements for all journalists.

This is the second edition of the guide, which BIRN has decided to publish in response to the high demand of journalists requiring a guide to investigative journalism, which resulted in the first edition being quickly sold out.

This guide offers an insight into investigative practices and the most important aspects of investigative journalism, along with numerous examples and case studies, data and exercises.

BIRN’s Digging Deeper is also on the curriculum of the BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting.

You will be inspired to consider a move into investigative journalism thanks to the combination of advice, skills, interesting investigative stories, individual journalistic successes, databases and tips and techniques featured in Digging Deeper.

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  • “This book is an excellent tool, not only for investigative journalists, but also for all those who wish to report conscientiously and in the public interest. The book provides all sorts of sources of information and their use, in an effort to draw attention to the importance of using critical and analytical thinking in journalism”

    Nemanja Cabric, journalist

  • “Digging Deeper is an excellent primer for reporters who want to learn about investigative reporting. It doesn’t only tell you what you’ve got to do, it tells you how to think and all of this is done with real world examples”

    Drew Sullivan, Advising Editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

  • “Sheila S. Coronel is one of the most authoritative names in the area of investigative journalism today. Digging Deeper is not only the guide to investigative journalism that has been missing for a long time in the Balkans, but it is also a general treatise of the journalist's profession. Its publication in Albanian is certainly a noteworthy event”

    Remzi Lani Executive Director of the Albanian Media Institute

About the Author

Sheila S. Coronel is Director and Professor of Professional Practice at the Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism. Mrs Coronel is also one of the founders of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) to promote investigative reporting. This centre has investigated and reported on major social issues including the military, poverty and corruption. Under Sheila's leadership, the centre became the premier investigative reporting institution in the Philippines and Asia.

Sheila is author and editor of more than a dozen books, including Coups, Cults & Cannibals, a collection of reportage; The Rulemakers: How the wealthy and well-born dominate Congress; and Pork and other Perks: Corruption and Governance in the Philippines.  She has received numerous awards and widespread recognition for her work.

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