Sheila Coronel and Randall Joyce Offer Effective Storytelling Techniques

Thursday’s sessions proved the longest and hardest for participants of the BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting, who spent the day covering investigations into organized crime and corruption.

However, despite that fact, all participants opted to stay late to attend the sessions of Sheila Coronel and Randall Joyce, covering storytelling techniques.

Coronel used her session to explain how to cover and organize information gleaned through research. Emotions, she explained, make a good soft lead, while getting straight to the point is good for a hard lead. Participants learned what kinds of stories work and how to use a character that the audience can identify with.

Joyce’s session began with a screening of the documentary “Shame of Srebrenica”, which was produced for CBS’s 60 Minutes programme and is a recipient of both a prestigious Emmy Award for American television and Colombia University’s Dupont Award. The session was followed by a group conversation with Mr Randall which lasted almost an hour.