Samra Luckin

Unique range of experiences in media development, public relations, journalism, media professional development, promotion of media rights and freedoms, advertising, educational campaigns, media monitoring

Experience in working with media, journalists, political parties and governments, international organizations and NGOs. A total of 23 years in different organizations working in sales, media, communications and advertising.

Present duties:

Director: Managing all segments and activities of the PR/ advertising agency BORAM, which also supports an informal network of radio stations. Also, supervising both TV documentary and  commercial production in BORAM as well as organization of different conferences and events.  Developing media strategy for educational campaigns.

Managing different campaigns of public interest:  European Commission, EUFOR Branding Campaign, US Defense Ministry Anti-terrorism campaign, EUPM, OSCE, OHR, UNDP, UNICEF, IOM, BBI Bank, UNHCR, The US Embassy, Dutch Embassy, TEPD, BBC, H. La Roche, German Institute for Cultural Relations- Ifa,.

Duties also include: strategic planning, business planning, purchase of media time, market analysis, tactical planning, projections of future developments, as well as public relations strategy, communication plans …Coordinator: Stability Pact Media Working Group for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Team Leader for EU Awareness Programme in BiH. Was responsible for project management; provided the overall strategic communications advices to the DEI and ECD, contributed to the development of a project strategy paper and articulated a corresponding annual work plan; focused on the media aspects of the work to be performed under the contract, identified the best key messages and their relevance to the targeted audiences, ensured the selection of adequate communication channels to reach the targeted audiences.

Worked on a monitoring component and measured the impact of all activities undertaken; was responsible for all the media relations aspects of the project.

Together with other experts supervised all the TV production aspects of the EU Awareness campaign, and ensured the material produced would effectively be broadcast by the partner TV channels, in relevant programmes and formats in order to reach important audiences; acted as an Executive Producer of TV debates and quizzes, was in charge of the relations with print media to ensure sustained coverage of the EU integration process, through story alerts and good background material as well as press inserts; organised the media training sessions and defined their content, acted as presenter at the PR trainings, organized brunches for journalists, was responsible for the organization of 9 May events on behalf of the Project, as well as for the organization of round tables throughout the country.

President, International Advertising/Media Association for BiH; Representative of BiH in South East Europe Media Organization; former Chairwoman, Stability Pact Media Working Group for BiH; member, Board of Directors ABC; member, Board of Directors Balkan Youth Foundation

Worked as a lecturer on Freedom of Access to Information Law, Defamation Law and self regulation of print media