Stephen A. Salmieri

Stephen Salmieri worked as Chief of Undercover Operations within the FBI for 29 years.

In this role, he managed FBI undercover operations nationally and internationally, and was a member of the International Working Group on police undercover operations and liaison with CIA and NSA.

He formulated the FBI’s undercover agent selection and training programmes, designed and implemented training programmes for Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

He was the coordinator of terrorist task force and informant programmes.

One of the FBI’s original undercover agents, his projects included organised crime, biker gangs, corruption, insurance fraud, narcotics, money laundering, murder for hire, property theft, terrorism, white collar crime.

He was also an inmate at a maximum security prison, and utilised the witness protection programme for organised crime top-echelon informants.

Salmieri is trainer for Investigative Techniques Unlimited, and senior police adviser on organised crime, undercover operations, narcotics and terrorism to the Republic of Serbia.

He is a consultant to the FBI, the State Department, the US Departments of Justice, Food & Drug Administration and Police.

He has lectured in the Caribbean on undercover operations, money laundering and terrorist financing.

He also worked as a consultant for National Geographic Television’s July 2013 series ‘Inside the American Mob’.